Episode 43: UK Regulatory Reform Proposals and Influence in Other Jurisdictions

The UK Department of Health and Social Care has published proposed changes to healthcare regulation. How might this influence professional regulation in other jurisdictions? Mark Stobbs with the UK's Professional Standards Authority gives an overview of what the PSA does, including an annual report to Parliament on how each regulator is meeting the 18 Standards of Good Regulation. Richard Steinecke with Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc in Ontario talks about how the PSA has influenced professional regulation in Canada, including the establishment of oversight bodies, a competency-based nomination process for board and council members, and consolidation of some regulatory bodies under a uniform framework.

Mark then discusses some of the current reform proposals, which aim to give all the regulators consistent legislative footing as well as more flexibility to make rules governing particular parts of their work. Richard share some thoughts about which proposals might be of most interest to Canadian regulators: regulators' ability to voluntarily delegate some of their activities to other regulators, perhaps a greater role in overseeing educational programs, the ability to administratively remove practitioners for incapacity or language fluency issues without a full discipline hearing, and an accepted outcomes approach to fitness to practice (discipline).

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