Episode 53: Regulating Licensees’ Use of Social Media

Lise Betteridge, Andrew Charnock, and Nancy Spector discuss social media policies and regulating licensees' use of social media. The theme that arose from the conversation is "the changing times," as the speakers consider why it's important to develop a social media policy or guidelines, protecting privacy and confidentiality, and guiding licensees to make the link between standards of practice and their professional judgment around social media use. They discuss the legal framework and enforceability of the policies and responding to complaints. They stress the need for professionals, who are in a position of influence, to use their professional judgment in every interaction, whether professional or personal and whether they're using their professional title or not. "It's a sign of the times and the need to adjust to contemporary practice and social norms that are happening across society."

Transcript: html (https://www.clearhq.org/page-1860746) or

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