Episode 38: Sanction Reference Points for Fairness and Defensibility

Dr. Elizabeth Carter with the Virginia Board of Health Professions provides an overview of the Sanction Reference Points program, a tool used by licensing boards in Virginia to ensure fair and consistent treatment during the discipline and sanctioning process. She talks about the process to statistically analyze past case data and consult with the boards to determine factors that should be considered or should be excluded. She shares how the boards can choose to use the worksheets and points values as sanctioning guidance and discusses the benefits of the program for fairness, consistency, and defensibility of the board's decisions. She offers resources that boards can turn to if they're interested in developing this sort of tool.

Transcript: html (https://www.clearhq.org/page-1860700) or

PDF (http://clearweb.drivehq.com/podcast_transcripts/CLEAR_podcast_episode38_Sanction_Reference_Points_020921_

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