Episode 46: Questions a Legislator Should Ask - A foundation for regulatory understanding

The Questions a Legislator Should Ask series is designed to provide important questions to be asked, as well as background information, to assist policymakers in their deliberation of proposed new professional regulation as well as revisions to current statutes. This series of online conversations, as well as the book on which it is based (order here: https://www.clearhq.org/page-1721424), can also be of value to legislative staff and regulators who may need to provide information to stakeholders.

This podcast episode starts off the series by laying the groundwork about the authority to regulate professions and different terminology used in the regulatory world. Panelists then discuss the importance of several key questions legislators should consider when evaluating requests related to professional regulation:

  • Is there a problem?
  • Is there a problem that requires regulation?
  • What alternatives to regulation of individuals can be considered?

Listen to this podcast episode, then purchase the webinar series recordings: https://www.clearhq.org/event-4599616.

Transcript: html (https://www.clearhq.org/page-1860724) or

PDF (http://clearweb.drivehq.com/podcast_transcripts/CLEAR_podcast_episode46_Questions_Legislator_Ask

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