Episode 19: Addressing Mental Health Concerns in the Investigative Process

Mental health is a far-reaching issue in society and has numerous implications for professional regulation. Mark Pioro and Jenna Smith with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and Dean Benard with Benard & Associates explore the issue of accommodating mental health in the regulatory investigations process. They discuss the relevance of mental health to the work of a front-line regulatory investigator, issues that can arise when a participant in the investigation has a mental health challenge or condition, legal principles that apply to these situations, and strategies regulators or investigators can adopt to resolve dilemmas and accommodate individuals dealing with mental health difficulties during the investigation process. This podcast episode is a lead-in to a session at CLEAR's Annual Educational Conference, September 18-21, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that will further explore case studies and strategies.

Transcript: html (https://www.clearhq.org/page-1860612) or

PDF (http://clearweb.drivehq.com/podcast_transcripts

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