Episode 39: CLEAR Investigative Excellence Award: Sharing Lessons Learned

Nicholas Woloszczuk, recipient of the 2020 CLEAR Investigative Excellence Award, talks about the case for which he was nominated, challenges he encountered during the investigation, and the investigative tools and techniques he used to bring the case to successful conclusion. The case involved a 14-year-old girl who was subjected to grooming by her 38-year-old male teacher. At first, it seemed like a simple open-and-shut case. But through perseverance to further pursue a lengthy interview with the victim, use of the enhanced cognitive interview technique, and continued professional development and training on the extraction of digital evidence, further evidence was found and the teacher's teaching certificate was revoked.

Transcript: html (https://www.clearhq.org/page-1860701) or

PDF (http://clearweb.drivehq.com/podcast_transcripts/CLEAR_podcast_episode39_Investigative_Lessons_030921_

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