Episode 55: Employee Support through Mental Health, Wellness, and Mentorship

Get a sneak peek at some sessions from the upcoming Annual Educational Conference. Abby Migliore with Alabama Board of Nursing focuses on mental health and wellness in healthcare workers. She discusses the difference between mental health and mental wellness and shares statistics and survey responses about what healthcare workers are actually reporting about their own mental health. She talks about how increased stress, burnout, pandemic fatigue, and compassion fatigue pose a threat to the individual and to the healthcare system as a whole.

Then, our conference plenary speaker, Ted Ma, talks about what it means to "Be the One: How Great Leaders Bring out the Best in Others." He discusses the importance of creating a culture of mentorship (including some statistical evidence). He shares some differences between being a leader, mentor, coach, or sponsor and touches on some topics that will be the deeper focus of the plenary presentation.


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