Episode 40: Testing Through the Years - a CLEAR Exam Review Retrospective

This episode of the CLEAR podcast celebrates the important contribution of long-time CLEAR Exam Review editorial board members Steve Nettles and Jim Zukowski. Steve and Jim just stepped down from a tenure of 26+ years with CER, so who better to give some perspective on the testing industry through the years. Steve and Jim talk about changes, innovations and challenges they've seen in the testing industry - when credentialing programs began to accept and comply with the Uniform Guidelines for employment testing, use of computers for item-banking, the advancement of passing score studies, the move to computer-based testing and innovative items, and the challenge of cheating becoming more technologically sophisticated as well.

CLEAR thanks Steve and Jim for their time and expertise over the years to bring timely and relevant information to the CLEAR Exam Review readership.

Transcript: html (https://www.clearhq.org/page-1860706) or

PDF (http://clearweb.drivehq.com/podcast_transcripts/CLEAR_podcast_episode40_CER_Retrospective_041321_

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